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Kilimanjaro Day 2 (morning): August 9, 2015

The 6:30am wake-up call was Samweli coming to our tents with hot water and a choice of coffee or tea. Turns out Jen is a coffee drinker – one of those people who needs coffee to get started in the morning. I opted for tea, but after the first morning found that the black tea was too strong for my stomach without any food so I just had a cup of hot water. After we got dressed, he came with a basin of hot water for a morning face and hand wash. It was very hot water – it must have been just boiled. We often had to wait for the morning washing water to cool down before we could even use it. Not that I'm complaining!

We were called to the mess tent for breakfast, and had the pleasure of seeing a blue monkey in a tree above us!

We had a big, delicious, hot breakfast. I love eating big breakfasts, so this was right up my alley. Jen is more of a smaller-meal-eat-more-often kind of eater, so she often couldn’t quite finish the big breakfasts but then snacked on a Clif bar mid-morning. Thi…