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Not A Typical Sunday

Since we're only in the field for a limited time, we don't take many days off. In fact, yesterday (Saturday) was our first full day off since we arrived about two weeks ago, so let me start there. We went to Nanyuki - the nearest town to Ol Pejeta - to do a few errands, but mostly to visit a few coffee shops, go shopping and have a leisurely lunch at a restaurant which sits right on the equator. It was a very relaxing day!

One of our shopping stops was Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers, a women's craft cooperative that focuses on weaving.

After that, we did a few more errands and then went for a delicious pizza lunch at The Painted Dog Bar and Restaurant.

I was thinking to myself yesterday that one thing I really miss being out here is exercising. Yes, I walk a few kilometers every day, but back home I normally do some kind of pretty vigorous exercise every morning that gets my heart rate up. Little did I know that my heart rate would be spiking today…

Today (Sunday) started o…
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