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BONES continues

The time at Ol Pejeta has been great! Fire and I have been walking around in the field, finding lots of bones for our study. Here's a zebra skull sitting under an acacia tree.

Our armed guard Robert is very interested in what we are doing. We've talked with him about how bones can help us understand the modern ecosystem, and he's taught us about some traditional uses of the plants by local people, including one that's use to treat venereal disease, and another to increase sperm production. Hm, maybe we could patent the extractions and get rich! No need to apply for grant proposals! :)

Did I mention that the scenery here is great? Here's a shot of Mount Kenya, with some Acacia woodland in the foreground.

We have been seeing lots of animals on our transects.

This giraffe tried to hide behind an acacia tree when it realized we were nearby, but we could still see it.

There's lots of different kinds of antelopes here, including waterbuck,


and bushbuck.

Many of the b…