Monday, August 3, 2015

My 40th birthday

Things I did on my 40th birthday:

1. Wake up in a city in Africa I've never been to before, Dar es Salaam, with a view of the Indian ocean from my hotel room (it's there in the background at the top right of the photo... really!)

2. Exercise - still going strong with P90X3 baby!

3. Eat a big, beautiful breakfast that included Tanzanian tea, local mangoes, and coconut milk - right out of the coconut!

4. Take a walk on the beach on the Indian Ocean

5. Work on my conference presentation for the East African Association for Paleoanthropology and Paleontology (I'm on the clock, after all)

6. Hang out with lots of awesome scientists - and get a champagne toast by my fabulous conference organizer colleagues at the conference reception!

7. Drink a Kilimanjaro beer

Other than being able to hug my boys, it doesn't get better than this. So far, my fourth decade is pretty darn awesome.