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Basic Bush Bathing 101

This will be a short-winded post, since I found out I'm leaving a day early for a conference I'm attending in Tanzania - I leave early tomorrow morning! It was a busy day and I'm pretty tired. But I promised to show you where I bathe in the field.

Yesterday we went over the bush bathroom. In the view here, you can see the shower just beyond it, nestled in a tree:

Here's a closer view,

and an even closer one, where you can see one of my favorite camping gear inventions: the solar shower.

How does it work? Basically, it's a big, thick plastic bag you fill with water and leave out in the sun to heat up all day.

Then you hoist it into a tree and hang it over a branch.

Here you can see the bag, hose and spouty-thing that the water comes out of. (I told you I'm tired, I'm getting a little inarticulate!)

Inside the shower area -- which is similar to the bush toilet in that it's basically some wooden stakes with muslin wrapped around it -- there's a slatted wooden…