Monday, August 25, 2008

Briana: 1. Car: 1.

I got my car to the mechanic this morning just after 8am, as he asked, even though the car parts shops didn't open until 9am. I hung around, watching him fix a few other cars, and after only about two hours, my car was fixed - to the grand tune of about $11. Hallelujah!

Briana: 1. Car: 0.

Then, I had to go get the car washed to get all the oil off the underside and engine, plus power washing all the fine, brown dust from Shompole away. That cost about $20 and took another two hours. At that point, I realized it was too late to leave for Ol Pejeta today and get there before dark, so Fire (my colleague working on the Ol Pejeta project with me) and I went off to run some errands.

As we were pulling into the Sarit Center, basically the local mall where I do nearly all of my errands, I started to smell an electrical burning smell coming from my dashboard. Immediately after that, I noticed small wisps of smoke rising from the place where my steering column and dashboard intersect. Fire took her seatbelt off and started to move towards the window, leading me to think she was ready to open the door and jump out of the car if the dashboard was to spontaneously combust or something. It turns out she was simply looking at the hood to see if there was smoke coming from there as well. (We've had a few laughs since at the idea that I thought she was about to jump out of the car!). Just after that, I noticed that the indicator lights (turn signals) weren't working. Hm. Perhaps the power wash somehow shorted out my indicators? Anyway, I no longer have functioning indicators. Which most people in Nairobi don't use anyway.

Briana: 1. Car: 1.