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camp life - cooking with fire, er, charcoal

I'm going to do a few ex-post-arriving-home-o posts, since I finally have the time to sit down and do them! This first one will basically be showing a few photos of camp - two of the tent situated furthest from camp in a lovely spot on a cliff:

and two some of our crew getting ready to go out to the excavations.

You might wonder how we see at night in this electricity-free camp: we use kerosene lamps for light.

Well, it's not entirely accurate that we don't have electricity. We have a great "solar system" consisting of solar panels,

connected to a car battery,

connected to a power inverter, connected to a plug strip into which we can plug computers, cell phones, etc.

And what about cooking? Well, we mostly use charcoal. It comes in big sacks which you can see off to the left, and we have a big pile of it under the kitchen "tent" (basically a canvas awning for shade) that the cooks use whenever they need it.

The charcoal can be put in a jiko, a stove of sorts, …